The Bankruptcy Center

Center of Bankruptcy unites in their team high qualified professionals experienced in bankruptcy area.

Bankruptcy – is our main legal practice.

Our specialists were giving consultations to debtors and creditors in more than 1000 bankruptcy cases.

We were first who proposed to make the bankruptcy procedure of individuals- entrepreneurs in legitimate way of sale of their collateral property at the fair prices.

We put a lot of efforts to popularize the bankruptcy of individuals-entrepreneurs. By now this kind of procedures is offered by almost every trustee.

We are one of the most experienced legal company specialized in fair settlement of relationships between creditor banks and their debtors.

We have also a lot of experience to protect the interests of creditors in bankruptcy cases of public enterprises and enterprises where share of state property over 25%.

Solutions that we offer completely comply with current Ukrainian legislation.

Our company has an excellent reputation and defends clients in all circumstances.

Our past experience has allowed us to focus in providing consulting services for strategic planning of bankruptcy procedures and audit work of other legal companies and trustees in bankruptcy cases.

We also provide full support of debtors and creditors interests in bankruptcy cases by the Center of Bankruptcy.